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Ethiopia supermarket

The Top Supermarket Chains in Ethiopia

This report provides 50 pages of the most up to date analysis of the leading supermarket chains in Ethiopia. This report analyses Trendtype’s proprietary research on the emerging supermarket sector and its key players, challenges for operators and brand owners, and our forecasts on the future development.

Fast Food Ethiopia

The Top Fast Food Chains in Ethiopia

Trendtype data on the leading fast food chains in the Ethiopia. Our unique data identifies every fast food, casual dining and coffee shop chain and allows users to search by cuisine, location, chain and brand owner.
NALF - beverages Ethiopia

Lominat Beverages wins bid and expands in Ethiopia

Lominat Beverages won the bid to buy Ethiopia’s National Alcohol and Liquor, the Ethiopian government announced. The operation, which attracted both domestic and international companies, sees Lominat expanding its business and move to both import substitution and manufacturing for export …