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Milk production in Zimbabwe rises 18% year on year to 21m litres

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe indicates that annual milk production in Zimbabwe has risen 18% from 17.8m litres in 2017 to 21m litres in 2018. Estimates of output from the informal sector also indicate that informal output increased by 7% in …
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Zimbabwe supermarkets begins pricing in US$ again

Reports are coming out of Zimbabwe that major supermarket chains are starting to price goods on the shelf in US$ again – effectively abandoning the official government policy on currency and using the black market rate for currency conversions. As …

Spar Zimbabwe launches its online retail store, Spar Online

Spar Zimbabwe has launched an online retail store – the first major supermarket chain in the country to offer the service. The new store, SPAR Online, offers 600 core products from across the grocery range and offers delivery within 24 …