Eat’N’Go has opened its 50th Domino’s Pizza outlet in Nigeria

Eat’N’Go has opened its 50th Domino’s Pizza outlet in Nigeria. It is Eat’N’Go’s 106th fast food outlet in Nigeria – the company is also the master franchise holder for Coldstone Creamery ice cream and Pinkberry frozen yoghurt chains in Nigeria.

The new opening, in Ikeja’s Jara Mall, reinforces the leading status of Domino’s Pizza in Nigeria. In June 2019, when Eat’N’Go had opened its 100th fast food outlet in Nigeria, the company revealed it had invested N10bn ($27.4m) so far. Eat’N’Go started operating in 2012 and has a target of 300 outlets in Nigeria.

Eat’N’Go has been smart in Nigeria: in February 2019 it launched a small format pizza, the “Smallie”, at a N550 ($1.50) – to appeal to snackers and kids, as well as lowering the entry point for customers. Because Eat’N’Go operates three franchises it has also colocated its pizza restaurants with its Coldstone Creamery  and Pinkberry outlets to improve their appeal and radically lower overheads – a strategy that has worked well for Simbisa Brands’ Pizza Inn and Creamy Inn formats elsewhere in Africa.

Rival Pizza Hut has just three stores in Nigeria, all in Lagos. Its lowest priced pizza is N700 ($1.90). Domino’s Pizza’s main challenger is the South African chain Debonairs (owned by Famous Brands), which has seven outlets across Lagos.