Domino’s Pizza Nigeria changes menu to take on local chains

Eat’N’Go, the Domino’s Pizza franchisee in Nigeria, has introduced a new all day menu designed to take on local QSR chains. The new menu, called an “All Day Breakfast” menu, features Nigerian favourites such as meat pies, small chops (finger food) and sausage rolls.

In several leading domestic QSR chains such as Mr Bigg’s, Rhapsody’s and Tantalizers menus tend to be quite varied to appeal to different generations. In some cases, menus will feature Nigerian dishes, pizza, burgers, fried chicken with limited coherence.

It is a mark of change that single format players such as KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Cold Stone Creamery, Krispy Kreme and (soon to arrive) Burger King are growing in popularity. The change is slow, and the growth of premium (imported) fast food franchises is hampered by slow economic growth and rising food prices.

So Domino’s Pizza franchisee Eat’N’Go has broadened its menu to make it more “Nigerian”. The menu already has Nigerian-style grilled meat skewers (suya). We think this is part of an upsell strategy – accompanying commercial material strongly suggests that it is targeting consumers who want to share appetizers among friends.

On July 1st, Eat’N’Go which is also the franchisee for Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry Gourmet in Nigeria, has announced it had opened its 150th store opening after several new store openings in Nigeria and the acquisition of the Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery franchises in Kenya in April.

Eat’N’Go is that approximately 12 months ago it had 110 outlets. What is notable is that Eat’N’Go is has driven this aggressive store opening program through a period of considerable supply chain disruption and price increases in Nigeria. We don’t have access to Eat’N’Go’s finances or funding model. Assuming it can make these new stores profitable, it marks the company out as a serious player in Africa – not just Nigeria.