Dough Works opens more KFC and Pizza Hut outlets in Tanzania

Tanzanian franchise holder for KFC and Pizza Hut, Dough Works is on a major expansion drive. The company opened two new Pizza Hut branches in December and added two new KFC branches in late 2019. It now has fourteen branches across its two franchises in Tanzania with more openings planned through 2020.

Dough Works opened its first Pizza Hut branch in May 2016. Investor Kibo Capital took a significant stake in Dough Works in February 2019, also providing expansion capital. At the time it had five branches of Pizza Hut.

Dough Works subsequently acquired the assets of Kuku Foods Tanzania, the KFC franchisee, in October 2019 (Kuku Foods East Africa Holdings holds the KFC franchise for most of East Africa). Kuku Foods Tanzania operated four KFC outlets in the country at the time.

Dough Works employs 400 people in Tanzania and plans to add a further 150 employees in 2020 – we estimate that it is looking to open another six branches. Currently, all the branches of KFC and Pizza Hut are in Dar es Salaam. Director Vikram Desai says the company has identified a site in the capital Dodoma and is conducting a feasibility study for opening a branch in the Lake Victoria port city of Mwanza.

Pizza Hut and KFC are the largest fast food chains in Tanzania, according to Trendtype’s fast food tracker. Sandwich franchise Subway is the next largest chain.