KFC partners with food delivery app Munch Zimbabwe

KFC in Zimbabwe has partnered with local food delivery app Munch, offering fast food delivery in and around the capital, Harare. Orders placed through Munch will attract a ZWL$36 fee.

Munch was founded in 2017 and currently operates in Harare and the tourist resort of Victoria Falls. It works with around 20 restaurants, including chains such as Eat N Lick, Pariah State, Antonio’s, The Village Greek, St Elmo’s and Gelato Crema. Depending on whether you use the official or the black market rate, the ZWL$36 fee is equivalent to either US$1.80 (black market) or $3.50 (official).

KFC re-entered Zimbabwe in 2014, having closed down operations in 2007. It currently operates in Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. It has six outlets in the country, four of which are in Harare.

Fried chicken is the most popular fast food format in Zimbabwe by some distance, in part due to the popularity of Innscor owned local chain Chicken Inn.

KFC’s franchise partner in Zimbabwe is South African poultry company Chicken Bird Holdings (CBH). It was awarded the franchise in 2011, but progress was hampered after stipulations that chicken had to be sourced from Zimbabwean poultry producers. CBH had said that it intended to establish 25 KFC stores over the 5 years 2014-2019.

In February 2019  CBH, which works with major chicken fast food chains with its Supreme Chicken brand, committed to invest US$150 million in Zimbabwe’s poultry and agricultural sector. It will build an abattoir capable of handling 50,000 broilers per week as well as a hatchery capable of housing 500,000-day-old chicks per week. It will also build 30 breeding houses, 80 broiler houses and two feed mills.