Nigerian ecommerce player Konga opens a new store in Owerri

Konga, the Nigerian Jumia ecommerce competitor, is opening a new bricks and mortar store in Owerri. Konga already has stores in Lagos, Abuja, Warri, Ibadan, Enugu, Uyo, Port Harcourt and Kano. Konga says the benefit is that customers will be able to walk in the shop for immediate pick up. Like a shop.

Konga calls itself “Nigeria’s foremost omni-channel e-commerce giant” and is often favourably compared by the Nigerian media to the much larger Jumia. The company sells electronics, home & kitchen appliances, toys and clothes as well as FMCG goods.

Konga has had a few setbacks since its founding in 2012. South African digital business investor Naspers was an early investor. It subsequently took on nearly $80m in funding before Naspers exited and the business was sold to a Nigerian electronics retailer, Zinox. The business reported in early 2017 that it was profitable (it wasn’t) and subsequently announced it aimed to be profitable in 2021. It was acquired by Zinox in February 2018, two months after laying off 60% of its staff.

It is primarily a multichannel electronics retailer with a network of stores, with Zinox using the brand its retail banner. It does sell some groceries – we estimate around 1,250 SKUs – but its grocery offer is very secondary to electronics, electricals and toys.