Route to market
Informed decision making
Our team has supported big and small brands to enter more than 30 African markets. Our unique data and proven route to market experience provides bespoke support to help brands avoid costly pitfalls and exploit opportunities quickly.
Hubs & market organisation
Our experts will guide you through market management options, including where to site regional hubs and how to group blocs of countries to optimise sales performance.
View each market in context
Our insight draws on hundreds of data sets, including other retail sectors, consumer indicators, transport, tech, infrastructure and payments. Our location data can also be overlaid on features such as bus stops, major routes, shopping malls and supermarkets.
Outlet universe
We track thousands of major supermarkets and chain QSR locations across Africa. We track service stations, pharmacies and more. We also provide detailed estimates of the size and value of traditional retail channels across each of the 50 countries we cover.
Key retailer locations
Our proprietary data on grocery retailer locations, floorspace and growth across Africa provides unparalleled insight into localised competition in retail. You can drill down into a country, city or neighbourhood and see the distribution profile and key players.
Planning and forecasting
We can provide critical support for your sales planning, building targets for based on penetration of cities/regions, consumers and channels. Drill down to the detail you need.
Deep dive into stores
We maintain an active database of thousands of proprietary store images from across Africa, giving your business development teams an invaluable insight into store environments, layouts, merchandising, product mix and more. Hit the ground running knowing the key players.
Competitor landscape
Do you know which brands operate in your target channels, their price, market share and positioning? We can help you understand the real market gaps and how to build a winning strategy.
Successful pricing strategies
Don’t fly blind. We can help you find the right pricing strategy in your target markets and identify the pricing sweet spots that will define whether your product will sell. Or won't.
Talk to us about a winning route to market strategy
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