Cameroon Country Profile

10th May, 2021

This report provides key information on Cameroon. It covers the economic landscape, key demographic indicators, living standards and income as well as logistics and infrastructure.


Economy and Risk
-Economic Overview
-Trade Blocs
-Business Environment
-Logistics Overview
-Road Network
-Regional Container Ports
-Demographics Overview
-Major Cities
-Population Density
-Population & Urbanisation
-Age Groups
-Living Standards
-Income and Middle Class
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Table of Tables

Table 1: Major cities

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Economic Overview scorecards
Figure 2: GDP (current, $bn), forecast
Figure 3: Currency appreciation to USD ($) index
Figure 4: GDP scorecards
Figure 5: GDP (current $b) by country, rank in order, 2018
Figure 6: Trade Blocs: CEMAC map
Figure 7: Trade Blocs: CEMAC scorecards
Figure 8: Trade Blocs: CFA map
Figure 9: Trade Blocs: CFA scorecards
Figure 10: Country Risk Index, 2019
Figure 11: World Governance Index, 2019
Figure 12: Business Environment scorecards
Figure 13: Ease of Doing Business, Africa, 2019
Figure 14: Logistics Performance Index, Africa, 2019
Figure 15: Competitiveness Index, Africa, 2019
Figure 16: Rail network, ports and main airports map
Figure 17: Road network map
Figure 18: Major trade routes map
Figure 19: Demographics scorecards
Figure 20: Major cities map
Figure 21: Population density map
Figure 22: Population density and road network map
Figure 23: Population and urbanisation scorecards
Figure 24: Population forecast
Figure 25: Urbanisation rate forecast
Figure 26: Urban population forecast
Figure 27: Age and household scorecards
Figure 28: Median age forecast
Figure 29: Share of population by age segments, 2019
Figure 30: Population (thousand) by age segments, 2019-2030
Figure 31: Trendtype living standards score 2018-2019
Figure 32: Income and middle class scorecards
Figure 33: Share of population in the consumer class
Figure 34: Population by income segments, latest year
Figure 35: GINI index in Africa

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